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Administration of otic agents

Instructions for use of otic drops

a. Warm the solution of otic drops by holding the bottle in your hand for a few moments.
b. Tilt the head sideways with the affected ear upward.
c. Pull the earlobe up and back to straighten the canal for adults and down and back to straighten
in children.
d. Use the other hand to squeeze the bottle of drops, carefully delivering the number of recommended
drops into the ear canal. Caution should be taken not to insert the applicator into the
ear canal.
e. Keep the head tilted sideways for several minutes or place cotton in the ear to prevent the
medication from draining out. If cotton is used, it must be large enough, so as not to become
lodged in the ear, and should not be left in the ear for longer than 1 hr.
f. Repeat the procedure on the opposite ear, if necessary.

Instructions for use of an otic syringe

otic dropsa. Prepare a warm solution of plain water. Fill the otic syringe with the warm water solution.
b. Straighten the ear canal using the appropriate method, as noted earlier. Tilt the head over a
sink or basin to catch the outfl ow solution.
c. Insert the tip of the otic syringe into ear, with the tip pointed slightly upward.
d. Gently squeeze the bulb of the otic syringe to allow the solution to enter the ear. Allow the
solution to drain from the ear into the sink or basin. If pain or dizziness occurs, remove the
syringe and consult a medical provider.
e. Repeat on opposite ear if necessary.

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