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“Prepare for the PETC evaluating examination with our specialized pharmaceutical calculation course. Enhance your skills and knowledge in dosage calculations, compounding, and drug formulations. Enroll now and excel in the...
  • 6 Lessons
$ 100.00
Evaluating Examination Preparation Course for Pharmacists who want to work in Canada. This course will help you be ready for the EE. It comprises forty-two lectures covering all you must...
  • 42 Lessons
$ 950.00$ 552.00
A COVID-19 lecture is a presentation or a course that provides information and insights about the coronavirus disease 2019. Which is caused by a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that emerged in...
  • 1 Lesson
$ 25.00
“Excel in the pharmaceutical chemistry section of the Evaluating Examination for pharmacists in Canada with our specialized course. Gain in-depth knowledge of drug classifications, chemical principles, and formulation techniques. Enhance...
  • 4 Lessons
$ 50.00

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