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Course Features (Recalls of Nov. 2023):
  • 4 Lessons
$ 50.00
Are you looking for an effective way to prepare for the KAPS exam and increase your chances of success? Look no further! Revision 3, brought to you by PETC, is...
  • 1 Lesson
$ 25.00$ 22.00
Revision 1 has provided a comprehensive overview of the recent recalls for Paper 1 of the KAPS exam in Australia. By focusing on the highlighted topics, candidates can prioritize their...
  • 1 Lesson
$ 25.00$ 22.00
“Stay up-to-date with the Recent Recalls and Exam Tips for KAPS in Australia with our comprehensive resource. Access the latest information on medication recalls, safety alerts, and regulatory updates. Prepare...
  • 1 Lesson
$ 25.00$ 22.00
This specific course for Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and drug-drug interaction. This will help you to solve any question related to those topics in the exam.
  • 0 Lessons
$ 100.00$ 75.00
“Master the KAPS Exam with PETC’s Comprehensive Revision Course” Description: Are you ready to excel in the KAPS exam and elevate your pharmaceutical career? Look no further than PETC’s highly...
  • 11 Lessons
$ 120.00$ 95.00
This course (paper one preparation course) is specified for those who are preparing for the paper one-only KAPS exam. It contains lessons related to the first paper.
  • 30 Lessons
$ 300.00
Paper 2 preparation course is a specific course for persons who want to clear paper 2 only for the exam of KAPS
  • 32 Lessons
$ 300.00
    Mock test for KAPS exam It mimics the real exam, formed of 2 papers. Each paper is formed of 100 MCQ, which can be solved in 120 min....
  • 0 Lessons
$ 20.00$ 17.00
Welcome to KAPS Exam Prep, a course designed to help you prepare for the Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences (KAPS) exam. The KAPS exam is a requirement for overseas-trained pharmacists...
  • 7 Lessons
👉This course is formed of 3 lectures  👉 Covering all types of calculation problems in the exam 👉 Helps you to deal with all types in a fast and effective...
  • 4 Lessons
$ 50.00$ 45.00

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