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Welcome to the lecture 1 on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The Autonomic Nervous System is an essential part of our peripheral nervous system that controls involuntary functions in our...
  • 1 Lesson
$ 22.00
A COVID-19 lecture is a presentation or a course that provides information and insights about the coronavirus disease 2019. Which is caused by a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that emerged in...
  • 1 Lesson
$ 25.00
This specific course for Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and drug-drug interaction. This will help you to solve any question related to those topics in the exam.
  • 0 Lessons
$ 100.00$ 75.00
👉This course is formed of 3 lectures  👉 Covering all types of calculation problems in the exam 👉 Helps you to deal with all types in a fast and effective...
  • 4 Lessons
$ 50.00$ 45.00
“Prepare for the pharmaceutical chemistry section of the KAPS exam for pharmacists with our comprehensive course. Master the essential concepts, drug classifications, and chemical principles crucial for success. Enhance your...
  • 1 Lesson
$ 50.00$ 45.00

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