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Guide for KAPS preparation course

How to join the KAPS exam preparation? This post is a guide for the KAPS exam preparation course. The KAPS exam preparation course introduced by PETC is one of the best courses that help pharmacists who want to work in Australia or New Zealand pass the exam on the first attempt. Now, it is your opportunity to join us and take the first step toward your dreams. The KAPS exam preparation course will guide you be ready for the exam and also give you the needed information and the key elements to passing. To see the content of the KAPS exam preparation course, please click the following link: https://newpetc.com/course/kaps-exam-preparation/

To see a sample of our KAPS exam preparation lectures visit the following link: https://youtu.be/dxdJzSwN_UI

The following steps will guide you on how to enroll on the KAPS exam preparation course, and after enrollment, you will be able to listen to any lecture from the content of the course at any time you want. Not only that, but it also contains many quizzes that you can solve and test yourself.

Steps for enrollment:

The following are the steps of How to enroll on The KAPS exam preparation course:

  • Registration

    The first step is to register on the website to have an account containing the course material and videos. You can register from the following link: www.newpetc.com

    Registration step

  • Login

    Login to your account with your email and password. It will direct you to your profile.


  • Choose the course.

    You can directly go to the course from the following link:

    how to enroll

  • Payment

    Add to cart for payment, it will direct you to the checkout page to proceed with your payment and you can choose the preferred way for payment from the options present.

  • Open the course.

    After payment, the course will be added automatically to your account, and you can open it and find the videos in the curriculum.
    Your account will be active for 10 months.

FAQ? How to enroll The KAPS exam preparation course

Does the course enough for passing or do I need to read more from other sources?

The course is much more than enough for passing the exam. It is prepared from the most important sources and focuses on the most important information that you need.

What are your passing records?

Previously we achieved a passing record of 95% of our students on the first attempt.

Do you provide a revision for the KAPS exam?

The revision is included in the course, but you can join the revision alone from the following link:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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