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KAPS exam MOCK test, It is the time now to set this test

KAPS exam MOCK test

KAPS exam MOCK test, for all members who will set the KAPS exam It is the time now to do the MOCK test.

This test will help you to mimic all conditions of the real exam.

To do this test click on the following link:


KAPS exam MOCK test is formed of two papers as the real exam.

Each paper have 100 MCQ from previous exam.

The time limited for each paper is 2 hours.

The passing score is 50%.

What are the main sections that we need to prepare?

Paper 1:

Pharmacology &Physiology

Pharmaceutical chemistry

Paper 2:



How can you pass? 

 50% in each section

The way to Australia as a Pharmacist starts from The KAPS exam

This will be the guideline to help you to know how to start.

In this file, you will find all the needed information for a pharmacist to migrate to Australia that will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. Plus, you will skip all the common mistakes and will go straight to your goal in the shortest time.

  • How can you apply for an initial assessment?
  • The needed papers for this step!
  • How to upload your documents?
  • The requirements for the exam!
  • How to pass it?

The steps of registration as a pharmacist will be as follow:

  1. Initial assessment.
  2. KAPS exam.
  3. English test.
  4. State nomination.
  5. Apply for a visa.
  6. Grant.
  7. Travel to Australia and start your intern (the written and oral exam).
  8. Intern period then Full registration.

Common questions:

Q1. Does the initial assessment enable me to migrate to Australia without taking the exam?

the skill assessment condition considered to be done when you pass the KAPS test only. It will not affect the immigration process

Q2. Should the papers submitted to the Australian pharmacy council be certified from the ministry of forging affairs and/or the Australian embassy?

No, you only need the stamp of the place that you get any certificate from only.

Q3. Is the initial assessment having a validity period?

No. once you get the eligibility letter you can apply for the exam whenever you are ready.

Q4. Is the KAPS exam has a validity period?

3 years from the date of certificate issue.

Q5. Do I have to take English test after or before KAPS exam?

The English language test can be taken after the KAPS exam and it is preferred to be (OET or PTE) so you can use it for registration and migration.

For more information about registration and initial assessment please follow and sign in the APC with the following link


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