HomeAnnouncementPreparation For the KAPS exam has Never Been Easier

Preparation For the KAPS exam has Never Been Easier

A new group for preparation for the KAPS

Preparation For the KAPS exam has Never Been Easier

-The new group for Preparation to the KAPS exam in July 2023 will start now.

-Join the new group now to prepare for the KAPS exam July 2023

-For Excellent and Comprehensive way to Study for the KAPS exam

-Prepare for Success

KAPS exam preparation course
KAPS exam

Course features:

-36 Lectures (22 live classes + 14 Recorded lectures from the live one).

-Powerfully prepared revision formed of 4 Live Revision lectures containing more than 700 MCQs from previous exams.

-After each lecture there are    questions related to the lecture.

-After each chapter there is a test.

-A mock test which mimic the real exam available at the end of the course.

-WhatsApp group for communications and support.

How to join the KAPS exam preparation course?

Click on the following link to Know the steps of enrollment:

FAQ? How to enroll The KAPS exam preparation course

Does the course enough for passing or do I need to read more from other sources?

The course is much more than enough for passing the exam. It is prepared from the most important sources and focuses on the most important information that you need.

What are your passing records?

Previously we achieved a passing record of 95% of our students on the first attempt.

Do you provide a revision for the KAPS exam?

The revision is included in the course, but you can join the revision alone from the following link:

Request to join

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