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Preparation for the March exam will start

“Unlocking Your Potential for Success”

For all pharmacists who are planning to sit the KAPS exam in March 2024, Join us now and unlock your Potential for Success.

The KAPS (Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences) exam preparation course is designed to assist individuals in preparing for the KAPS exam, which is typically required for pharmacists seeking to practice in certain regions or countries. The structure of the course covers the key subject areas and topics relevant to the pharmaceutical sciences, including but not limited to pharmacology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacy practice. Also, other important topics.

Unloking potential for success

Course goals:

prepare, perform, succeed

The course aims to provide a comprehensive review of the knowledge and concepts necessary for success in the KAPS exam. It often includes in-depth lectures, study materials, practice questions, and mock exams to simulate the actual testing environment. Therefore, Participants can expect to gain a solid understanding of the subject matter, improve their test-taking skills, and enhance their ability to apply pharmaceutical concepts to real-world scenarios.

Additionally, the course may offer guidance on effective study strategies, time management, and how to approach different types of questions commonly found in the KAPS exam. Ultimately, the goal of the KAPS exam preparation course is to equip aspiring pharmacists with the confidence and knowledge needed to excel in the exam and pursue a successful career in the pharmaceutical field.

Features of the course:

  • The course is composed of 36 lectures covering all that you need for the KAPS exam.
  • 22 Live lectures + 14 Recorded from the live one.
  • In addition Powerful revision lectures contain more than 800 MCQs from previous exams.
  • After each lecture, there are questions from the lecture.
  • Also, After each chapter, there is a test.
  • For Live lectures, they are conducted through Zoom meetings.
  • A mock test which mimics the real exam.
  • Continuous follow-up and permanent support till success.
  • An account on our website active for 10 months contains all the course materials, and through it, you can listen to any lecture at any time.

The schedule of the live lectures:

You can see the schedule of the live lectures and you can join any of them from the following link

Live lectures Archives – Pioneers

How to join:

click on the following link and add to the cart to join

KAPS exam preparation course – Pioneers Test Preparation Center (newpetc.com)

For more information about the KAPS exam and the preparation course watch the following video

YouTube video
KAPS exam
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